Sony Network & Astar Network to Co-Host Web3 Incubation Program

• Sony Network Communications has partnered with Polkadot’s innovation hub, Astar Network, to present a Web3 Incubation Program.
• The program will run from mid-March to mid-June and will focus on the utility of DAOs and NFTs.
• Startale Labs will also collaborate with Sony Network and Astar Network for the Web3 event which is open for applications until March 6th.

Sony Network Co-Hosting Web3 Incubation Program

Sony Network Communications (a tech provider under the umbrella of the Sony Group) has partnered with Polkadot’s innovation hub – Astar Network – to present a Web3 Incubation Program. The program will run from mid-March to mid-June and people can apply until March 6, 2023. It will focus on NFTs and DAOs while Startale Labs will collaborate with both partners to introduce the Web3 event. Sota Watanabe – CEO of Astar Network – said he is pleased to participate in this initiative alongside a company with rich experience in the NFT sector.

Program Details

The program is open to people from all regions across the globe and 10 – 15 participants would be selected after reviewing their applications. It includes educational sessions conducted by venture capital firms such as Fenbushi Capital, Dragonfly, Alchemy Ventures, etc., as well as lectures by renowned experts in the space such as Justin Drake, Gavin Wood, Karl Floersch, etc.. Additionally, there would be various activities such as hackathons where participants get an opportunity to develop projects using their newly acquired skills in blockchain technology while receiving support from top industry players.

Benefits of Joining

The participants selected for this program stand a chance of receiving funding up to $50K USD along with other benefits like mentorship programs or incubation opportunities through which they can take their projects/ideas forward. Moreover, it also gives them access to high profile resources like exclusive networking events that are organized during this event for investors & leading entrepreneurs from different industries providing more exposure & opportunities for collaboration & growth.

Sony’s Blockchain Experiences

Sony Group has already started exploring blockchain field which makes this partnership more valuable as it might bring applicable Web3 solutions for consumers in near future& provides users an opportunity learn about latest trends in blockchain technology through real life examples & case studies presented at this event by experienced professionals who have already worked on these topics before so that they can implement these techniques when developing projects/products themselves or working with clients/employers in related fields later down line if they decide too join industry full time after completing course work..


All In all ,this unique initiative by Sony network & its partners provides perfect platform for anyone who wants gain knowledge about web 3 technology & develop something new while getting help from some most prestigious names associated with blockchain sector both directly or indirectly .