Pantos Launches Multichain Token Creator, Unleashing Cross-Chain Possibilities

• Pantos releases Multichain Token Creator, enabling users to deploy tokens on multiple blockchains
• The app makes it easy for projects to launch on multiple blockchain networks without much effort
• Developers, users, and their assets no longer have to be locked to a single chain

Overview of Pantos Release

Pantos, a Multichain Token System developed by the team behind Bitpanda, has recently released the public version of the Multichain Token Creator. This easy-to-use web app allows developers and users to configure and deploy their own multichain tokens built on top of the Pantos Digital Asset Standard (PANDAS). Moreover, developers can extend their base token with custom functionality by downloading the contract code.

Benefits for Developers

The release offers developers an effortless way to adopt a revolutionary mutlichain token standard that drives unparalleled cross-chain collaboration and opens up endless possibilities for decentralized technology. The Token Creator drastically reduces the time and complexity of developing multichain assets which enables them to launch their tokens within minutes.

Benefits for Users

Users will have access to multiple blockchain networks with only one asset instead of being locked into a single chain. This means they can capitalize on more opportunities such as trading in different markets or diversifying their network reach across multiple chains.

Team Behind Pantos

The team behind Pantos is Marius Ciortan, Director of Product Engineering at Pantos. He commented: “Our Multichain Token Creator is a defining innovation in the blockchain space […]”


The release of this innovative web application opens up numerous possibilities for both developers and users alike when it comes to deploying tokens across multiple blockchains simultaneously. It will allow projects to expand their reach quickly while providing users with access to more opportunities within different markets using just one asset.