: Binance Banking Partner Ignores Transactions Under $100K Amid FDIC Warning

1. Binance’s banking partner is reportedly set to start ignoring transactions under $100K due to a recent FDIC statement and the implosion of FTX. 2. The FDIC has declared that offering crypto products and services is considered a high-risk activity by traditional banks. 3. Crypto markets have been showing strong signs of recovery, but financial […]

Earn Rewards on Ethereum with Liquid Staking Protocols!

– Ethereum Liquid Staking protocols have been gaining value since the start of 2023 as the Shanghai upgrade approaches. – Liquid Staking is a new consensus algorithm that replaces Proof of Work to fulfill the Ethereum roadmap for scalability, decentralization and security. – Key Ethereum Liquid Staking protocols are Lido, Rocket Pool and Ankr. Ethereum […]

Bitcoin Bulls Push Price to Critical $21.5K Resistance Level

• Bitcoin’s price has gained significant bullish momentum and recovered from the drop caused by the FTX fallout. • It has reached a robust resistance and if the bulls push the price above it, a mid-term uptrend will become possible. • Currently, the market faces a prior major pivot, a critical resistance level of roughly […]

Bitcoin Era und die Lüge

Wenn wir noch effektiver sind, erhalten wir den Platin-Bonus, dessen Belohnung in Dollar 4500 beträgt. Aber um es zu bekommen, müssen wir 25000 QGV monatlich erreichen, dass es nicht mehr als 9375 GV gibt, die aus dem gleichen Team kommen, und es ist auch wichtig, dass wir diese drei neuen und aktiven Menschen haben, die […]