Blockchain.Com Quits Asset Mgmt After Less Than Year: Report

• started out as a blockchain explorer and later expanded into wallet services, exchange, and asset management services.
• The asset management division of the firm (BCAM), however, has announced its plans to wind down due to market conditions.
• BCAM was geared towards high-net-worth individuals and institutional investors with the promise of lower risk investment in cryptocurrency utilizing “algorithm-based risk-managed exposure”.’s History first started out as the first Bitcoin blockchain explorer back in 2011 and later expanded into wallet services, as well as hosting its own crypto exchange. After years of growth, the company decided that 2022 was the year they would expand into asset management services for high-net-worth individuals and institutional investors through their newly formed division BCAM (Blockchain Asset Management).

BCAM’s Short Lived Existence

Unfortunately, despite being worth around $14 billion when BCAM launched, their expansion into asset management did not last long due to current market conditions causing them to wind down operations less than a year after launching. In order to reduce risk for potential investors they offered “algorithm-based risk managed exposure” which is essentially using algorithms to make trades on behalf of clients while minimizing broker risk by instituting margin calls when necessary.

Charlie McGarraugh’s Optimism

Despite this setback Charlie McGarraugh, the chief strategy officer at believed that BCAM was an opportunity for investors worldwide stating: „Like everything in crypto, you won’t know until you try.“ He was optimistic about how far their venture could go if given the opportunity despite any existing risks associated with it.

End of an Era

As of now though it looks like that opportunity may be gone for now as Blockchain Asset Management will be winding down operations due to market conditions making it no longer viable for them financially or practically speaking at this time .


Cryptocurrency markets have been on a rollercoaster ride over the past few years and unfortunately even companies like Blockchain with prior experience have had difficulty navigating those turbulent waters leading them to close up shop when times get tough but hopefully better days are ahead so we can continue watching these innovative firms grow and thrive without having to worry too much about volatility or losses