BAQMaR is the (Belgian) Association for Consumer & Data Driven Marketing. Our events take place in Belgium, but when it comes to online activities we act on a global scale.

BAQMaR wants to make marketing research COOL again: well-known, popular and unique. Within our industry, but also among end-clients and students. Through events we organize ourselves or in close collaboration with our official partners and friends & with great people like YOU we make this happen in the coming years! Next to that, BAQMaR strives to be the glue between industry and academics (promoting academic research to the research industry). Why? Because ‘We Are All Analysts’!

BAQMaR offers its members a network of quantitative and qualitative marketing researchers. The events and the annual conference offer the possibility to get in touch with people having a job in traditional marketing research, e-research, data mining, customer intelligence and business intelligence, both at the agency side and in different kinds of industries. It is a platform to extend and/or establish valuable relationships in the field of marketing research, to stay connected with colleagues in your interest field! In times of rapid changes and never lasting marketing research methodologies, BAQMaR offers its community the possibility to stay up to date with the latest trends and techniques through its online platform www.BAQMaR.eu.

BAQMaR is proud to be a new generation association where meeting and deepening each other’s interests happens in a very informal way.

BAQMaR has a strong position and reputation in the field of quantitative and qualitative marketing research, a brand image where every BAQMaR member is proud of! In 2009 BAQMaR was nominated for ESOMAR’s EXCELLENCE AWARD FOR STANDARDS OF PERFORMANCE IN MARKET RESEARCH – THE JOHN DOWNHAM AWARD. This is what the industry said about BAQMaR:

“The initiative was implemented in the past 3 years by 6 dynamic young researchers from different companies or academic institutions. They invested their own time to make the organization a real success and to contribute to the image of our industry both on a national and on an international level.”