ESOMAR Debate ‘Future Industry Challenges’ on December 15 in Ghent

December 15th, 2016 (Ghent Marriott Hotel, Korenlei 10, Ghent, Belgium)

The world is changing fast and that’s not different for our industry. Each day new players, technologies, analytical models, artificial intelligence, algorithms….are entering our industry with all the same end goal: providing insights that move brands forward. Enough food for thought to run a debate about our future.
On December 15th at 16h30 we organize a debate about the future of the market research industry in three challenges with Finn Raben, Director General of ESOMAR. The event is free of charge and ends at 18u
After the ESOMAR Future challenges debate, the very last BAQMaR Conference will take place showing concretely how our industry will continue to change disruptively in the upcoming 10 years and tries to answer how our industry will look like in 2026. ESOMAR members & participants can join the BAQMaR conference at the early bird tariff of 100€! More info on the program:
I hope I see you there and you will join the debate!

Practical information:

Registration: The event is Free of charge, please register here:

Venue: Ghent Marriott Hotel, Korenlei 10, Ghent, Belgium


16u30: Welcome

16u55: Introduction – Wim Hamaekers (ESOMAR Representative)

17u00: The future of the market research industry in three challenges brought by Finn Raben (Director General ESOMAR), Wim Hamaekers (ESOMAR Representative) and three mystery guests from the client side. Join the conversation and share your opinion in this challenging debate!

Challenge 1: Are robots and artificial intelligence taking over the research industry in which algorithms will be the key drivers of the industry?
Challenge 2: Will the explosion of available data & the continuous tracking of consumer behavior in the “outer net” make the collection of consumers’ opinions redundant for insights generation?
Challenge 3: Researchers will no longer exists. Our new role will be totally different and more an activator of insights and curator of insights: helping companies to select the relevant insights and help them to turn them into action.

18u: Closure & drinks

18u45: Start BAQMaR Conference