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2016 BAQMaR Conference #10

December 15th, 2016

This year, we hold our 10th BAQMaR Conference. The world of marketing research and data analytics looks quite different after 10 years of revolution. Time to reflect on it.
Moreover, the question on the 15th of December will be: ‘What will our industry look like in 2026 – 10 years from now?’.


So, celebrate the end of an era with us and look into the future together with your friends and peers…

Conference Program

16h30 Free pre-event by ESOMAR, info & registrations via https://www.ESOMAR.org/events-and-awards/events/local-activities/ESOMAR-best-of/best-of-2016-belgium/321_best-of-2016-belgium.overview.php
18h Doors open, welcome drinks & bites
18h45 Part I: reflecting on 10 years of revolution

  • ‘Welcome to the Revolution Arena’, introduction to the conference by Tom De Ruyck (President) & Annelies Van De Slijke (Committee Member) of BAQMaR
  • Opening Keynote: ‘Online bubbles and the downsides of social media’ by Prof. dr. Vincent F. Hendricks (Denmark)
    Prof. Hendricks is philosopher and Director of the Center for Bubble Studies at the University of Copenhagen.
    He is the author of the bestseller Infostorms: ‘How to take Information Punches and Save. Democracy’.
  • ‘A perfect storm: when market research and data science meet’ by Maarten Verschuere (Clever, Belgium)
19u45 Break: networking & drinks
20u15 Part II: future forward to 2026

  • ‘Virtual reality meets sensory research’ by Ludovic Depoortere (Haystack, Belgium)
  • ‘Al and qualitative moderation and analysis’ by Andrew Konya (Remesh, United States)
  • ‘Blockchain and the big data/market research industry’ by Sam Wouters (Duval Union Consulting, Belgium)
  • Closing keynote: “Biomimicry: learning from nature for disruptive innovation” by Daphne Fecheyr Lippens (Ghent University, Belgium)
    Biochemist and blogger Daphne is a Biomimicry PhD Candidate at the University of Akron (Ohio) and a co-founder of two start-ups. She is specialized in how natural strategies can help teams optimize their design thinking & business strategies. Daphne has given numerous presentations, among which a TEDx Talk in Cleveland.
  • Conference closing by the BAQMaR Team

21u30 Closing Reception & ‘Underground’ Party (you don’t want to go home early)

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2009_location_02The 2016 BAQMaR conference will take place at the The Marriott Hotel in Ghent which is centrally located in Ghent, one of the most beautiful historic cities in Belgium.

The Marriott hotel in Ghent is overlooking the Korenlei on the banks of the river Lys canal and brings new design to historic old buildings.

The hotel blends historic treasures with the latest fashions and trends, just like the city.