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The BAQMaR Academy has the intention to enrich the life of marketing analysts by offering cutting-edge and out-of-the-box thinking workshops. Therefore, the BAQMaR Academy relies on leading experts from both industry and academia to inject the most innovative knowledge into the European research community. The interconnections between the thought leaders & the BAQMaR community are put central during the workshops, and they have the intention to impact one's day-to-day business experience.

Going beyond simply responding. How to create engaging surveys that capture the complex consumer reality

April 24th, 2014 (Ghent Marriott Hotel)

Online surveys are part of an engaging environment: everything online is fun, interactive and gamified. However filling out surveys is not that of an engaging activity and we need to realize that participants are always one click away from exiting our surveys. Many research players have turned towards gamification as the Holy Grail to enhance participant engagement, but is this enough?
In addition, survey research insufficiently copes with the complex reality of consumer behavior. Decisions are influenced by a number of factors and it is important that surveys mirror the complex reality in order to provide valuable input for clients and their business needs.
In this workshop we will critically question our current survey research thinking and identify improvement areas. You will learn to look at survey design from a different perspective and have the opportunity to put some of the theory in practice by applying this new survey thinking to your own survey projects.
The workshop session will mix theoretical elements with some real case examples. In between, workshop participants can put some session elements into practice.


Rethinking customer satisfaction, loyalty and net promoter score in today’s competitive environment and digital age (social media and mobile apps)

May 14th, 2014 (Ghent Marriott Hotel)

Good managers understand that the road to growth runs through customers – not just attracting new customers, but holding on the ones you have, motivating them to spend more and getting them to recommend your products and services to the people they know. This workshop centers on customer satisfaction and its effects. What does customer satisfaction mean in today’s environment? How to take the competition into account (do we need to excel, and strive for customer delight, or do we just to perform better than our competitors do)? What about multichannels: are social media an opportunity or threat; can we ignore it, or take advantage from it? What is the importance of the total customer experience? What if something goes wrong: how to deal with these unsatisfactory customers via the various channels (email, face to face, and social media)? Finally, how can we gain more value out of our customers by engaging them to co-create with us, provide positive word-of-mouth and ideas for better products, and services? In sum: the road to growth via customers and their level of satisfaction involves many alternative directions, opportunities and obstacles, and decisions that needs to be considered and taken. The objective of this workshop is to guide you through this trip in order to become a successful manager of your customers.


The power of simulating buying flows

September 17th, 2014 (Ghent Marriott Hotel)

The last decade various new sources of big data and (open)source technologies have come available. This has opened a lot of new opportunities for marketing engineers to build methodologies for modeling customer behavior. In this session we will focus on one very interesting view for modeling: the geographical view. How can we combine new big data like loyalty card information and socio demographic data with new technologies like mapping software and route planning components to simulate buying flows with high accuracy? Besides the “how” question we also answer the “why” question because hidden behind all of this we also reveal the magical possibilities that suddenly become available.


Making Sense of Social Data

October 16th, 2014 (Ghent Marriott Hotel)

This workshop will focus on how to extract insight and value from the social web. We will introduce the methodological frameworks for Big Data and specifically Social Media Research, providing an overview of the key tools, the types of data we can access, how we can access them and the nuances of this methodology.


Insight in the 21st Century

November 5th, 2014 (Webinar)

As the pace of change accelerates in the 21st century, marketers and insights leaders risk falling behind.  This workshop, titled “Insight in the 21st Century”, gives participants insight into 21st century trends and 21st century marketing research and future leaning analytical tools.  It includes future leaning scenarios for marketing research from the speaker’s chapter in “Leading Edge Marketing Research; 21st Century Tools and Practices.”