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The BAQMaR Academy has the intention to enrich the life of marketing analysts by offering cutting-edge and out-of-the-box thinking workshops. Therefore, the BAQMaR Academy relies on leading experts from both industry and academia to inject the most innovative knowledge into the European research community. The interconnections between the thought leaders & the BAQMaR community are put central during the workshops, and they have the intention to impact one's day-to-day business experience.

Make it Stick! Effective Research Reporting

April 4th, 2013 from 10h until 17h (Ghent Marriott Hotel)

What does it take to write a killer report? We will answer this question in this workshop by practicing with the basic ingredients of writing clear, attractive and engaging research reports that go beyond a mere description of the results. Getting comfortable with the principles of structure, design and story building will enable you to produce reports that will resonate with your audience.


From Co-Creation to Structural Collaboration: How Online Customer Communities Reshape Business

May 8th, 2013 from 10h until 17h (Ghent Marriott Hotel)

In this workshop you will get to know everything about the success factors for ‘structural collaboration’ with consumers. When we talk about structural collaboration we mean the integration of the voice of the customer in all decision-making flows of your company. In most companies, customers are only allowed to give feedback at the very end of a decision making flow through traditional market research.

This workshop is also organized within the ESOMAR workshop series. More information is available here.


Modern Prediction Techniques in Open Source R

September 19th, 2013 from 10h until 17h (Ghent Marriott Hotel)

This hands-on workshop has the intention to introduce its participants to the open source data mining platform of R. The first part of the workshop introduces the participants to the R environment in order to familiarize them with R’s capabilities. The second part of the workshop intends to give insight into the functioning of the most popular classification techniques that could add additional benefit to your day-2-day data mining practices.

Note: every aspect of the workshop is illustrated in R on real marketing examples by the workshop leader, while hands-on time will be available to practice on your own.


Creative Survey Design and Gamification Workshop

October 17th, 2013 from 13h until 18h (Ghent Marriott Hotel)

An advanced survey design workshop where you will learn about the art and science of designing surveys and how to write better more effective pieces of research.  Learn how to encourage respondents to be more thoughtful or think more spontaneously and mine more truthful responses. Lean how to construct better surveys by asking the right types of question in the right way.

Behavioral economic and survey gamification techniques are quite simply revolutionizing many aspects of market research questionnaire design.

This workshop will help you understand the irrational nature of some of our responses to survey questions and how behavioral economics is changing how we think about asking many different types of questions in market research.

You will also learn the principals of gamification and how it can be applied in market research and the impact it can have on your data (both good and bad!).

You will also have an opportunity to put some of the theory to the test by taking part in some survey design games at the end of the workshop where you will work in teams to try and design the best survey questions.

It should be FUN but this workshop has a deadly serious intent of improving the overall quality of your research albeit online, telephone, face to face or qualitative.

This workshop is also organized within the ESOMAR workshop series. More information is available here.


Building your Analytics Roadmap: Why and How Organizations Succeed with (Advanced) Analytics

November 21st, 2013 from 9h until 12h (Ghent Marriott Hotel)

Smart companies today realize that the data they have been gathering in diverse systems can deliver great value and competitive advantage. For those companies, analytics plays a crucial role in transforming data into business value. While analytics is becoming an increasingly popular domain, it is not always clear to management how analytics can help to succeed without drowning in numbers in the process.

This workshop provides a well-documented, non-technical introduction in advanced analytics that (i) explains what (advanced) analytics is, (ii) describes the state of the domain today, (iii) covers the most important requirements for competing on (advanced) analytics, and (iv) teaches to build a successful analytics roadmap from initial successes to large-scale deployment.