Amplification through your most natural influencers

By Dado Van Peteghem, Social Seeder


We all use social media and many of us see it as the way of communication for the future. People are getting more and more sensitive towards traditional communication while at the same time they are also more likely to engage with brands.Companies are massively tapping into the power of social media to have conversations and build relationships with their audiences.But they also try to use social media as a way to spread their messages. Hoping they will go viral.Yet most of the time, nothing really happens.

As a result, many companies try to activate super influencers with lots of followers to spread their messages.You know, those tweeting, blogging,.. superheroes. OK they’ve got reach. But what do they really know about your business? And how authentic is this model?
We believe there’s another way.Social Seeder is built to activate natural influencers close to the company.People who know what your business is about, people who have a relationship with the organization. Think about your colleagues , your clients, your partners, your (real) fans ,…You have to unlock the power of your internal network to spread your messages in an authentic way.Our start-up,Social Seeder facilitates your natural influencers to seed the messages you want to bring across via social media and allows to measure the impact in full detail through a personalized dashboard.

How it works

Social Seeder makes it easy to create lists of different groups of people depending on how they relate to the organization (internal teams, countries, stakeholders, fans,…).Social Seeder includes an easy campaign tool to invite your influencers to share a specific message in their own social networks. The seeding-message is pre-defined allowing for organized and streamlined communication.Influencers see the pre-loaded seeding-message with all the popular sharing options. They can still change the message if they like or directly share it in social networks with just one click.Once influencers start seeding the message, the dashboard shows a live overview of the results of the seeding campaign. Social Seeder keeps track of who shares what and on which networks. Measure the impact of stories and discover your top ambassadors.

Impact & applications within market research

By amplifying your messages through Social Seeder you will not only get more reach in an authentic way, you’ll also discover your top ambassadors.

This type of tools can be used from different perspectives in a research environment. It can be used as a recruitment tool (1), for example to share questionnaires through the power of P2P in social networks. It can be used as a marketing tool for the company (2), e.g. to spread studies & research papers via employees, partners, clients, etc. And ultimately it can be used as a tracking tool to map and understand sharing behavior (3).