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Baqmar Conference 2013:#unexpected Insights

By Stephan Bral

On December 12th 2013, I had the honour to be a guest of the BAQMAR (the Belgian Association for Quantitative and Qualitative Marketing Research ) Unexpected Conference: a conference that brings together the “fine fleur” of Belgian and International Market Researchers.

The theme — Unexpected — could not have been chosen more fitfully.

For me — the outsider — it was the equivalent of a 9-year old’s first trip to FAO Schwarz. A world of new and shiny toys.

For me — the informed outsider — it was the equivalent of trekking in the Himalaya. You know you’re in for the trip of a lifetime — including mortal peril.
Allow me to elaborate.

My take on Unexpected.

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Join the transformation congres

The Transformation congres

By Patrick Coucke, General Manager, Febelmar

Please join us for our second annual Congress that will be held at the Diamant Brussels Conference & Business Centre on 27/02 starting at 1pm.
Join us as we’ll discuss innovations and trends that will help you understand the transformations and changes in future business.

During this Congress there is a focus on how the new generation is changing marketing research, what their developments mean for the future not to mention the difficulties most organizations face when implementing these processes.

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